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Who We Are



Sandra Gao

Sandra has years experience of marketing, media and advertising in MNC. Since 2005, she engaged in real estate investment consulting, property marketing and sales in Australia. She believes that every business can benefit greatly from understanding customer needs and good communication, also understanding your market is critical for success. With many years of practical experience, she has in-depth knowledge of the real estate market and anticipation. She pursues providing the best professional service to satisfy all her customers’ needs.


Sandra Gao:拥有多年大型跨国公司市场部的广告策划执行经验。来澳后从事房地产投资咨询及销售愈十年,擅长于项目推广、开发项目的买卖及管理。对澳洲房地产市场有着深入的了解和预判,以及丰富的实践经验。


Frank Ding

Frank is a senior commercial film director and producer, with over 20 years’ experiences in China. He has built a strong reputation across China for his career in movie and advertisement for international advertising agencies, local governments, and well-known international and domestic firms. With strong implementation and planning abilities, Frank has delivered numerous films, television advertisements and marketing videos for local governments and commercial firms.


Frank Ding:资深商业影视导演、制作人,在中国大陆从业20年,服务于各大国际广告代理商、国际公司和国内知名企业,拥有强大的策划与执行能力,曾制作上百部影视广告、企业宣传片和政府形象片。


Hao Ding

Hao is a senior graphic designer and producer, with management experiences in large printing enterprises in Australia. Hao has been involved in a broad range of marketing projects, including large exhibition planning, marketing material design and property marketing. Hao’s comprehensive understanding of the industry is to ensure efficient project delivery and high quality design outcome for our clients.


Hao Ding:资深平面设计及制作人,具有大型印刷公司管理经验,能够高效优质地完成从大型展会布展、楼盘包装到各类宣传品的设计制作。在澳洲业内的佼佼者。